Grace… Even though I don’t Deserve it

NOTE: This is a PFP – Personal Founder Post:
Untainted Word isn’t a personal blog, therefore I believe it’s appropriate for you to get a heads up if a post is going to be one of these ‘PFPs’.
Every now and then, certain topics will be easier and better explained with real life and personal examples. 
Whilst they’re still inspired by God, they’ll most likely also contain details of specific things that occurred/happened to me as an individual, in order to give you a full picture, and better understanding of whatever the point it is.
This post is the first of its kind… I hope you enjoy 🙂

Now this is the thing about the Grace of God.

Nothing that you actually DO, can earn it, or remove it from your life.

When God has covered you with His Grace – that’s it, you’re covered.

(Sometime later, in another post, we’ll talk about not taking grace for granted, but today let’s talk about enjoying grace and understanding what it really is).

I’ll tell you something God taught me the other day…

Now, I launched Untainted Word on January 16th 2017.
I’ve been pretty consistent with ensuring posts go up every Sunday and Wednesday as I said they would.
However in the past week and a half – I’ve slacked…

I’ve allowed everything else to get in the way, e.g. exams, and other things, I haven’t organised myself well, and so I’ve been putting off posting and haven’t sat down to just listen to what God has to say, in order for me to write and share.

As if that isn’t enough, I was also LATE to church two Sundays in-a-row. And as a choir member and worship leader, this wasn’t good enough, especially as it meant that I couldn’t give my service to God as I ought to.

For me, I don’t like to disappoint God.
I mean, when you love someone, the last thing you want to do is disappoint them, or let them down, or neglect them.
I felt like I had done all of the above to God in the past week/ten days, and so my human mind went into a mode of thinking I would see the consequences of God’s disappointment, through misfortune and ‘No’s’ as the answers to my prayers.

Who else has ever done/felt like this?
Who else sometimes just anticipates the manifestation of negative things and awkward situations, because you know you haven’t been giving God your best recently?

I’m sure a lot of us sometimes believe that that’s the next step, and so we even get ready to accept a streak of bad, bad, bad, until we feel like we’ve gotten our act together and are back in right standing with God, where we then deserve the ‘good’.

Well bad, bad, bad, was nowhere near my portion.
In fact, in the midst of all my short-comings before God, I received a ‘Yes’ to at least three major prayers in my life and in the life of friends.

Someone say ‘GRACE’…

Grace is what enables God’s blessings to still manifest, even when you’re not necessarily doing the right thing or in the right place.

Grace is what allows you to still reach your God-ordained destination in life, despite you straying so far off the path beforehand.

Grace is what permits us to be saved, through the Love of God and the act of Jesus Christ, and therefore we can now have a relationship with God, draw closer to Him, and reign in heaven with Him after physical death.

Grace is the supernatural, courteous good will of God which focusses not on our sins, but simply on the Love He has for us – therefore bringing us back to a place of blessing, mercy, and positivity regardless of the circumstance.

Be it in your relationship with God, or even with your actions and decisions in life,
Grace doesn’t look at your works as a criteria to decide whether or not you receive it.

And that is what we should understand…
Grace wouldn’t be Grace, if we had to work for it;

“And if by grace, then it is no longer of works; otherwise grace is no longer grace.
But if it is of works, it is no longer grace; otherwise work is no longer work.

[Romans 11:6]

So stop thinking it’s determined by you.
And stop thinking of all these ways that God will ‘deal with you’, because you haven’t given Him your best.

In one of the moments of receiving good news, despite my sincere gratitude, I felt so unworthy…

I said to God, “I don’t deserve this.”

But He replied,
“Even when you’re not giving Me your best, I still love and come through for you,
I just want you to love Me back and love Me more”.

God’s simple desire of a child who Loves Him is never-changing;

So he answered and said,
‘You shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart,
with all your soul,
with all your strength,
and with all your mind,’…”
[Luke 10:27]

But sometimes we forget this, and our behaviour and actions don’t reflect someone who loves Him at all.
Therefore believe it or not, sometimes the Grace of God actually serves as a reminder of  the fact that He is faithful to His word in Romans 8:28, and so it encourages us to get back on track with Loving God, wholeheartedly; with our words, our service, our actions and our entire lives!
It encourages us to focus back on God and give Him our  B E S T.

As overwhelming as it may be to comprehend, God doesn’t withdraw His grace, favour, mercy, kindness, or hand of blessing from our lives when we’re in our mess and muck.

The truth is, God’s Grace goes far beyond our human imagination, therefore when we’re expecting a spiteful reaction to our failure before Him, He just shows us His consistency and faithfulness.
With God’s Grace, there’s no such thing as ‘too good to be true’,
And the concept of something negative needing to happen, in order to balance out all the positives you’ve been experiencing, is also a lie!

The Grace of God; Unmerited Favour of God, is  R E A L.

So let’s pray tonight and always, that our hearts will be able to accept and enjoy the Grace of God, and never question it.

Keep the Faith, Don’t stop Believing
God Bless you.

4 thoughts on “Grace… Even though I don’t Deserve it

  1. Afolabi says:

    Hey Ori,
    I wanted to say thank you.
    Lately I realised that I felt a bit out of place and uncertain about the future. Besides LIMUN, I hadn’t had much ‘wins’ or successes this year. But I have been motivated and encouraged to keep striving for God’s grace. And the blessings there are what I’m now hoping on.
    Stay blessed,

    Liked by 1 person

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