Welcome to this space, I like to call it an extension of God’s word.
There’s a letter for you below, so please have a read…

Dear Believer,
I pray you’ll find truth in the word of God and be empowered, impacted and changed forevermore.
Walking with Christ is beautiful, but sometimes difficult and confusing.
Walking with Christ is our utmost desire in life, but sometimes we get lost in our tracks, swayed by our surroundings, and we fall away from the right path.
Coming here, I pray you’ll find the promises of God, that will hopefully encourage you to keep walking regardless of how hard or baffling it may be.
Coming here, I pray you’ll receive the encouragement and the conviction you need in order to remain focused and determined to keep up your journey with the Saviour.

May the words you find here, serve as an aid to reveal and uncover who God really is, what His intentions for you really are, and remind you of His numerous promises for you, with which you can equip yourself to successfully travail this journey of life.

Dear Non-believer,
You’re probably not oblivious to ‘God’, and the fact that some say there is one, so I dare not patronise you in that sense.
I do however, thank you for stopping by, and hope that there’s something in you that just wants to see what this is all about?
Well, that’s great, because the intention isn’t for the words to overwhelm you, but rather simply for them to be sown as seeds in your life.
Whether they cause you to one day actually decide to get to know this God a little better, or simply inspire you to do moral good in the world we live, I pray that this platform will take its appropriate place in your life.

To Everyone,
I honestly appreciate that you’re here, and ask that you always read with an open mind and heart, and give things a try; as many times, messages may have something you can put into practice in your life.
As an extension of God’s word, I truly believe it’s God speaking to you, through me, so I give all credit and glory to Him.
I therefore encourage you to feel free to come back again and again to get an update on what He’s saying to you.

I do hope you stick around and watch this platform grow into whatever it is meant to become.

May you always be blessed, as you read
His Truth, With Love.