The Story…

This all started way before I could even put a name to it.

Who remembers T-Mobile’s 5-day pass? I think the deal was; unlimited calls and texts to any T-Mobile number for 5 days, for £5.
Yeah, around those times, in 2007/8 is when the concept of sending messages to ‘brighten someone’s day’ started out.

A friend and I would make sure we put our free texts to good use by sending smiley faces or short positive sentences round to everyone on our phone’s contact list, just for the sake of it.
Of course this was like marmite; some hated it and some loved it.

Within little time, sending these ‘positive messages’ became a regular thing for me.
I enjoyed the thought of making someone smile wherever they were and I had a growing desire to inspire and encourage people with more than just a smiley face, or one-line sentence.
For me, it was no longer ‘just for the sake of it’, it had a greater purpose.

Over the years, the messages grew in substance, the content was more enriching and I found myself including my faith and relationship with God as an influence on various topics I wrote about.
For a long time I sent them on a daily basis (with a few days missed here and there).
In 2015 I decided to cut it down to twice a week; allowing delivery to be more manageable and therefore consistent.

With encouragement from my pastor, I also made it a priority to always share relevant biblical scripture with each message.
It gradually became less about what I had to say, and more about what God was saying.

The Name…

This is why it’s called Untainted Word;
Because for years now, I’ve realised that the messages are bigger than me, and in fact nothing to do with me.
I believe they are an extension of God’s word to His children, and I’m simply His delivery woman (but we’ll say ‘His vessel’, because why not add a fancy touch to a title)?

The Aim…

I hope this platform will be a blessing to you and provide nourishment for your soul.

I’ve been sharing God’s word only via text/Whatsapp for far too long, and for many years people told me to get online and put it in a blog! (Look now – We made it!)
Being online means we can share His truth globally, and spread His unfailing Love as far as it can get.

With all this said, I ask only one thing; that you read with an open heart and allow this place to be whatever it needs to be for you.

And remember in all things,

Keep the Faith,
Don’t Stop Believing.