Not Some… ALL

The thing about the bible is, the words in it do not lie.
Therefore when we see a sentence in there, or when we see a phrase in there, we have to take it for what it says.

How many of us are familiar with the Philippians 4:13 verse?
The one that tells us we can do all things through the strength we have in Christ Jesus.
How many of us believe it? (Many of us will say ‘me’.)

Okay, now how many of us truly believe and live by it?

You see, it’s one thing to believe that something is true, but it’s another thing to actually take on that truth and embed it into your own life.

All things, means All things.

It doesn’t mean a quarter, or a third, or two thirds or even 99%, but All things, means ALL…Things…

That means when you’re thinking of quitting because man, or even your own flesh has qualified you as unable to fulfil that task – you need to step up and realise that Christ is with you in ALL things, and you can and will do it – just apply yourself.

When your teachers/professors tell you that ‘Most students fail at this hurdle, hardly any students make that jump successfully…’ – you need to wear the garment of ALL things being possible through Jesus, and let them know there’s a Greater Being in you, that drives and enables you.

When your bosses say you can’t do it because of your background, or your experience, or your qualifications – you need to tap into that favour and grace from Christ that breaks protocol on your behalf and places ALL things within your reach.

Even when your family, who most people would argue are the ones who know you best – yes friend, even when they, in the deepest love for you, and through the desire of wanting to protect you from disappointment – even when they tell you that the venture is no good, or it’s too hard for you –  you need to strap up your ALL things footwear and get trekking, because Christ is going to take you there; to that desired goal and even further!

My reminder for you today is this,
When we extract verses from the word of God, let’s take them in their wholeness.

Just in the same way that we know we shouldn’t follow laws half-heartedly, or ‘pick and choose’ which commandments we want to follow, we also shouldn’t weaken verses of encouragement and empowerment, but rather, take them as FULLY as they come.

If Christ was only capable of enabling us 50% of the time, in 50% of the tasks, then the bible would tell us that!

100% UW

But as it says ALL things, it assures us of Him being 100 percent!
Therefore I encourage you to,
1. Put ALL your faith in His strength that lies in you.
And 2. Be bold to step forward and know that you truly are a conqueror, a victor and a success in EVERY single thing you lay your hands upon.

Now how’s that for a word to start your Wednesday morning?!

Keep the Faith, Don’t Stop Believing
God Bless you

I Am What I Am!

I shared a shorter version of this message earlier this year, before the website was up and running, but I was recently watching a sermon online by a Pastor Touré Roberts (link at the bottom) and it reminded me of the importance of pushing this word out there again, and expanding on it a bit further.
This message is a mixture of addressing what true humility is, and being bold enough to say I am capable, I am qualified, I can do this…

So I’ll start by asking, What is Humility?
Some definitions say it is the quality of having a modest view of one’s importance; the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people. 

The bible says;

“For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”
[Luke 14:11]

This verse shows us the importance of humility and the fact therefore that it is a trait we ought to pursue and desire to have, but let us understand something –
Humbling yourself doesn’t mean to rubbish yourself, or speak/think ill things towards yourself.
Humility is having an accurate understanding of who you are, and what you are capable of – that is, an opinion/belief of you, neither higher or lower than what it truly should be. 

Humility doesn’t encourage you to exhibit low self-esteem, or put yourself down, but rather, true humility is being able to embrace your abilities, achievements and successes whilst understanding that there is no need to flaunt it in everyone’s face, nor brag and boast about it.

The difference between the humble and the proud is that pride will cause an individual to deem themselves as more important than their neighbour because of their wealth/achievements/status etc. Whilst humility causes one to express equal respect and love to every and any person, regardless of these things.
Again, because a man is aware that it is ‘by God’s grace’, he doesn’t walk around as though he amasses all the goodness by his own power, but rather, embraces it, and uses it to bless and uplift others! 

Do you believe me when I say you can be humble, yet confident in who you are, what you are, what you can do, and how well you can do it?!
And trust me when I say that all this can exist without the arrogance that many of us are very cautiously running away from.
How? Because you understand that your abilities and your identity comes not from yourself, but from a greater source – the Grace of God

In the bible Paul writes this perfectly, he says; 

“But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.”
[1 Corinthians 15:10]

Paul recognises that he is who he is, and what he is, and how he is, simply by the grace of God.
He knows that his form; his past and his present, have worked together by the grace of God to produce his character in the now…
Not only does he know where his identity and ability comes from, but he knows better than to downplay his work, ability or efforts. No, Paul boldly says “I worked harder than everyone else, but again, I’m not saying that I did this by myself, I’m saying that I was enabled by the grace that God bestowed upon me”.

Today I’m encouraging you to follow from Paul’s example – you have no business in downplaying the light of God in you – no business at all I tell you. In fact it’s insulting to God!

Many times, we fail to step forward and share the fact that we can do something, or we sit silently in the background when there’s a service required, that we could very well provide.
Why? Because we fear that people will say we think too much of ourselves by stepping up to the challenge and taking on the well-suited role for ourselves.
But there couldn’t be anything more wrong!

Before you take that step back because of man, have you thought about what you’re telling God by doing so?

‘God I know You equipped me to do this, but what people think of me is more important than Your will and purpose for me, so let’s leave that on the back burner for now…’

Oh you didn’t think of it that way, right?
Oh it’s not that serious, right?

Friend it is that serious!

Not only do we deprive our environment of the fruit which they are meant to enjoy from the seed that is within us, but we also deprive the Almighty God from receiving glory from the work He wants to do through us!

It is in our knowing who we are and what we can do, that God will present us with opportunities for us to progress and excel.
We cannot (for the sake of ‘humility’) keep withdrawing ourselves from things that God has called us to do!
Therefore let us realise the importance of being able to declare that ‘I am what I am, by the grace of God’, and so be able to confidently say;

“I most definitely am skilled, and gifted, and qualified to do A, B and C, because God enables me.
In fact I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13), so please feel free, sir/madam, to send that task or responsibility my way, because I know I won’t mess it up!
God has equipped me to do it, and do it well!”

You are not being arrogant, you are not being cocky, but you are simply walking in your destiny; declaring and displaying the glory of God within you.
You will see that actually, your courage and confidence will speak out and inspire someone who is battling with insecurities. Because your energy will draw them onto you, and then open up the opportunity for you to share where your strength comes from!

Let us be confident in the grace God has given us, no we are not better than the next man, but we also are not worse!
His grace makes us able, and makes us excellent in our lane, excellent in our field, excellent in whatever He has called us to do, and we should never be ashamed to boldly embrace that!

Keep the Faith, Don’t Stop Believing
God bless you. 

*Click here for the sermon by Pastor Touré Roberts of One Church LA*