Saving Daily…

Your worst day is your best day, really.

The bible tells me that all things work together for the good of you who loves the Lord God…

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,
to those who are the called according to His purpose.” 

[Romans 8:28]

Let’s explore that today.

So sometimes we can have what we call ‘a really rubbish day

We find ourselves experiencing multiple unfortunate circumstances and we wonder
‘What on earth is going on?!’

The kind of days I’m talking about are the ones where:
You missed your train/bus,
Your car broke down,
You waited longer for your lunch because they got the order wrong the first time,
You got to work/school/university late,
You found out you forgot something really important at home
And so on and so on….

On days like these, with so many things happening ‘not in our favour’, we really feel as though someone is out to get us.
We feel victimised and ask ‘Is it only me?’
Some of us even wonder where God is; questioning His presence in the midst of everything that happened…

The answer is, He was right there.
Yes friend, on that ‘terrible’ day, God was right there with you at each moment, proving Himself to be an Immortal God, and saving you from more things than you know.

We must understand that the presence of God never leaves us. 

Deuteronomy 31:6-8
Genesis 28:15
Exodus 13:21
Exodus 33:14

The word of God tells us that God Himself goes before us. (How amazing?!!)
Therefore when God sees things that could possibly harm us, He removes/blocks/diverts them; sometimes without us noticing anything at all, but other times by causing something to happen in our lives that will strike us as being unusual, or simply not part of our routine/schedule/plan for that day.

We must undertsand that the Blood of the Lamb – Jesus, covers us daily and therefore what we see as an annoying delay/setback/diversion, is actually the protection of our Saviour .

So would you believe me if I said there wasn’t a single thing that happened to you on that ‘horrible’ day, that God didn’t know about?
Could you possibly accept now that your lateness, your broken down car/missed train, the wrong lunch order and everything else that happened; God purposed it for your benefit?
God was saving you from something that you couldn’t see…

The point of this message isn’t for me to act as God and give you explanations of why He did certain things on different days of your life, but I just want us to be a bit more grateful…

Grateful for His Faithfulness, Grace, Mercy, Love, Kindness and Loyalty to His word.

I want this message to cause us to be mindful of the fact that these so-called ‘bad days’ are actually the ones we ought to give God extra thanks for.
Because despite the fact that we felt like we took many losses, the truth is God caused us to Win.
God gave us victory over multiple small arrows that were sent to destroy and harm us, and caused us to rise above them and overcome – because He loves us and knows that we love Him…

So friend, when we have these days filled with what we deem as negativitiy and misfortune, let’s flip it around and see the positive!
Let’s flip it around and see a God who is taking every opportunity to save, protect, guide, cover, nurture and ultimately  L O V E  us.

Let us never forget that we are covered;
By God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, every day of our lives, and they are paying close attention to us, every step of the way, making sure we’re okay (put very simply).


Keep the Faith, Don’t Stop Believing
God Bless you.

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