‘Do you know who my God is?!’

Short and Sweet tonight;

We’re walking into a new week, one that we’ve never treaded before and for some of us, big things await us.
Some of us are looking forward to hearing good news or starting something new, whilst others may be dreading the fact that they’re stepping back into an environment, at work or school, that isn’t necessarily a happy place for them.

Some of us are walking into this week with our baggage from last week, even last month, and to be honest, we don’t really know how we are going to do it!

I want you you to do this;
Whatever the issue/situation/problem is – speak to it directly and tell it,
‘You won’t consume me!’

It’s so easy to forget who we are and more importantly, who our God is, when we’re faced with such challenging conflicts and dilemmas.

Today I want you remember the fact that you can, and you must, tell your problem, about your Father!

Yes! It’s a different dynamic this time.
Usually, we’re reporting every bother and every worry to our Father, but today I am telling you to stand up to whatever situation appears to be bullying your peace, bullying your joy, bullying any area of your life, and begin to tell it about how Big your God is.

The bible says that the mountains melt, and quake before Almighty God (Micah 1:4, Nahum 1:5), therefore, rather than give our mountains so much respect – by hiding, ducking, and swerving from them, we ought to stand boldly before them and begin to describe the type of God we serve;
Powerful, Almighty, Eternal, Immortal, Strong Tower – and let those mountains begin to shudder and fall before our eyes.

In that Nahum verse, it also says that the earth TREMBLES at the presence of God!
Our problems will also TREMBLE at the mere sound of us describing our God;
A God who parted the Red Sea (Exodus 14),
A God who is UNCREATED, and created the heavens and the earth, and all things in between, in only 6 days (Genesis 1:1Genesis 2:1-2)!

Friend I need you to let these issues in your life know that they are absolutely NOTHING, and they are POWERLESS over your joy and your destiny, because you serve a Living God, whose Love and Glory overrides anything that the enemy wants to bring.

In the atmosphere of prayer, look at these problems face-to-face, and with the utterance from the Holy Spirit, intimidate and shut down each and every one of them!

Let us get into the habit of REFUSING for situations to have their way – tell them ‘No you won’t…!’, and let us maintain confidence in the protection that God assures us of, in Psalm 91 (please have a read).

My God is Strong and Mighty, Ever-Faithful, Never sleeps,
What can you say about yours?

Keep the Faith, Don’t Stop Believing
God Bless you.

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